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Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces evacuation advisory for Japanese citizens from all parts of Ukraine.

Danger Information for Ukraine [Raising the Danger Level].

Tensions are rising in the areas surrounding Ukraine's borders due to the buildup of Russian military forces and other factors, and the situation remains unpredictable. In neighboring Belarus, military exercises with Russia have begun and Russian ships have recently entered the Black Sea, further escalating tensions. While diplomatic efforts are being made by the countries involved, the possibility of a rapid deterioration of the situation is increasing. For this reason, we are raising all of Ukraine to Level 4.

Depending on the situation, the possibility of commercial flights being suspended cannot be ruled out. Many countries are also advising their citizens to leave Ukraine, and it may become extremely difficult to leave the country in the future, as commercial flights are flooded with reservations, making it difficult to secure a seat. For this reason, all persons currently in Ukraine are advised to leave the country immediately by the safest means, including commercial flights. Please do not travel to Ukraine for any purpose.

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