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Cyber Attack on Ukraine: China, Russia Just Before Invasion - British Report

China's "cyber attack" on Ukraine, just before Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Times of England reported on the 2nd that China had launched a large-scale cyber attack on Ukraine just prior to the Russian invasion of the country. It claimed to have obtained multiple memos from intelligence agencies. If true, the possibility that China was aware of the Russian invasion in advance is likely to emerge once again.

According to the paper, Chinese cyber attacks began before the closing of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 20 and peaked on February 23. Russia invaded Ukraine the following day, on the 24th. The cyberattacks affected authorities involved in security and border security, as well as the Ministry of Finance, the central bank, and nuclear-related institutions, including nuclear regulators.

These organizations were also the target of cyberattacks by Russia at the same time, but the Chinese attacks could be distinguished by unique tools and methods. British and U.S. intelligence agencies were also aware of this information. The paper also introduced an expert's opinion that "this appears to confirm that Russia had communicated its invasion plans to China.

Regarding China, the New York Times reported in early February that the U.S. had asked Russia not to launch an invasion until after the Beijing Olympics had closed, which the Chinese side denied as "a complete lie. U.S. President Biden and European Union Commission President von der Leyen have urged Chinese President Xi Jinping not to support Russian aggression.

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