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Russian troops, mines in occupied areas of withdrawal, or Ukraine accuses

Russian troops may have planted mines in occupied areas of withdrawal.

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Russian troops who are withdrawing from occupied areas, including the area around the Ukrainian capital of Kiev (Kyiv), are suspected of leaving behind a large number of land mines. The Ukrainian side made the claim. If true, it could make it difficult for evacuated residents to return home.

In a video address to the nation released on April 2, President Zelensky claimed that Russian troops are withdrawing from northern Ukraine and that "they are laying mines in all areas. They are placing mines in all areas, in houses, on property, and even on bodies," he claimed.

According to Reuters, the governor of the northern province of Chernihiu gave a similar explanation on state television the same day. The Russian side has not responded to these claims.

Middle East satellite broadcaster Al Jazeera reported that authorities in Irpin, a suburb of Keaau, have stopped residents from returning to their homes because of the danger, according to a reporter in the area. The authorities are reportedly explaining that traps and explosives are set everywhere.

While Russian troops are withdrawing from the northern area around Kiev, fighting appears to be intensifying in the eastern and southeastern parts of the country. CNN reported on Wednesday that officials in the eastern Lugansk region said that 2,700 residents had fled the fierce fighting. In some cases, Russian troops shelled people who were evacuating.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Reuters.