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President Zelensky of Ukraine

President Zelensky Angry at Germany and France for Blocking Ukraine's Entry into NATO: "Look at the Consequences of Concessions to Russia"

In a video speech on March 3, Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed anger at Germany and France for the killing of civilians in the capital city of Kiev, claiming that Germany and France prevented Ukraine from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 2008, which led to the Russian invasion.

Zelensky said, "Former German Chancellor Merkel and former French President Sarkozy should come to Bucha (where the massacre took place) and see the results of their policy of concessions to Russia. I want them to see for themselves the tortured Ukrainians," he said, criticizing the then German and French leaders by name.

In a statement at a summit meeting in Bucharest in 2008, NATO stated that Ukraine and Georgia would "become members" in the future, but membership reportedly did not materialize due to opposition from France and Germany.

According to German public broadcaster ARD, Merkel's spokesperson issued a statement saying that "Merkel still maintains her judgment at the time regarding the NATO summit. Sarkozy had not commented by the 4th.

Germany and France announced on April 4 that they have decided to deport Russian diplomats stationed in their countries. According to press reports, Germany and France have targeted 40 and 35 diplomats, respectively. In the European Union, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Baltic states also deported Russian diplomats last month.

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